Events Accreditation (for providers)
Events Accreditation (for providers)

CPD providers who wish to receive ACAPP accreditation for any CPD activity are advised to follow the following steps:

  1. The CPD activity should be submitted at least three months before the event is commenced to allow enough time for the review process
  2. The provider should fill in the application form.  With the completed form, the following documents are to be submitted by email:
    1. A summary of the organizational profile. The profile must include enough data about the organization and its activities as relevant to CPD. In addition, sources of funding for organizational activities must be disclosed.
    2. The CPD activity program documents containing the following:
      1. A brief statement about the educational program and why it was developed
      2. Detailed objectives of the activity (written as knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors)
      3. The program contents, timetable, instructors for each presentation or event. In addition, approaches for teaching and learning, that will be used, must be specified. We encourage providers to use the ACAPP-CPD activity template.
      4. A description of how the provider will ensure participants attendance to the activity is recorded and maintained
      5. Evaluation strategy of the CPD activity and sample of CPD evaluation form that will be used by the provider.
      6. The CVs of the CPD program director and instructors.

To be noted that samples of participants’ registry and record keeping must be mailed to ACAPP secretariat office ( after the event together with samples from the participants’ response in the individual evaluation forms.

vii. A statement of compliance with ACAPP policy for commercial support must be signed by the provider before the revision process (ACAPP Declaration Form)  and must be digitally signed by the provider)

3. Upon submitting the above-mentioned documents, the provider must pay the required fees and receive a receipt from ACAPP secretariat (Refer to the Accreditation Fees  section).

4. ACAPP CPD accreditation review committee will initially revise the documents available versus checklist to ensure that the application package is complete.

5. The review process will take about three weeks and once completed any of the following decisions could be taken:

  1. The provider is granted accreditation of the CPD activity.
  2. The provider is granted conditional accreditation of the CPD activity and complete accreditation is subject to the provision of necessary post-event documentation.
  3. The provider is denied accreditation of the CPD activity and details for rejection of the application is given.

6. A certificate of accreditation of that specific activity will be issued to the provider in order to publicize the event and grant appropriate certificates of accomplishments to participants.